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online library

Jewish Confederates-Gary Ayres (Previously published in the Jewish Magazine , March , 2007 Passover edition)

Sauk River Monument Dedication-D.S. Reif

The Wilson Massacre: The Story of Union Brutality in the Southeast Missouri Ozarks -Clint E. Lacy

James Latimer: Missouri Yankee. Did this man murder General Robert E. Lee’s broth? – James Gray

The Emancipation Proclamation. Did Abraham Lincoln free the slaves?

Joseph Weydemeyer: Yankee Marxist-Gary Ayres

The Missouri Brigade: The South’s Finest- D.S. Reif

Confederate Missouri-D.S. Reif

The “other” Thirteenth Amendment: Proof that the North did not invade the South over slavery

Missouri’s Ordinance of Secession

The St. Louis Massacre

The Drake Constitution and the “Iron Clad” Oath

The Constitution of the Confederate States of America

The Missouri Compromise of 1820


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