Colonel John T. Coffee

Welcome to the Official Website of the Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934 , Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The Coffee Camp’s headquarters is located in the historic community of Osceola, Missouri, beside the Osage River.

With a population of between 2500-3000 residents in 1861 Osceola was the third largest city in the State of Missouri, behind St. Louis and Kansas City. It was the farthest most navigational point on the Osage and became a prosperous and important river port for settlers moving west.

As Missouri author {and Coffee Camp member} Patrick Brophy wrote in the June 5, 2008 Nevada Daily Mail newspaper {“At last, a book on Osceola’s burning” }:

“Osceola early attained importance as the head of practical steam navigation on the Osage. When war broke out it became a major shipping and warehousing point for the Missouri Confederates, giving Jim Lane his pretext for wiping it out.

The level of his devotion to the Union cause is illustrated by the fact that the Osceola plunder he hauled back to Kansas in stolen wagons included women’s ball gowns and grand pianos. He took time out to burn the stately home of his distinguished Senate colleague Waldo P. Johnson, arid personally rode home in the Missouri senator’s fancy carriage. The “regimental chaplain” Hugh Fisher stole altar furnishings from an Osceola church to furnish his own unfinished Kansas church. (Missouri Bushwhackers at the burning of Lawrence searched as hard for Fisher as they did for Lane, but unfortunately failed to find either man.) “

Author Richard Sunderwirth {another member of the Coffee Camp} describes vividly the Osceola Missouri that existed before and after September 23, 1861, in his book “The Burning”.

“September 22, 1861 Osceola Missouri Population 2,000-2500 A beautiful late summer day in Osceola, Missouri.  A day that will live forever in the eyes and hearts of our citizens.
School was over for the week and children were playing in the yard, a few fishing in the Osage River, and some playing ball at the old ball diamond just over the hill from the town square.  The older merchants were closing their stores for the evening, and mothers were fixing super for their families.
Most of the young and middle ages men were away, serving in the Missouri State Guard or a home guard of some type.  The Civil War was in progress.  Osceola still seemed to be safe haven, and no one could possible imagine what was about to take place within the next few hours.  With the children inside and super out of the way, families were settled in for the evening.
Then came Jim Lane’s Jayhawkers from Kansas.  War was on in Osceola.  The courthouse was shelled.  Nine men were executed on the town square.  Homes and businesses were set afire and within the next two days, the entire town, with exception of a few homes, was totally destroyed.  As one brigade correspondent related, “Osceola was a heap of smoldering ruins.”  After extreme pillaging, Union General Jim Lane left Osceola with all of the plunder and headed for Kansas, leaving old age and helpless innocence to keep vigil over the dead and wounded; blood mixed with tears marked the spot which only a few short hours before had been a town with peaceful, contented, happy homes.

…September 24, 1861 Population 183″

The tragic story of Osceola, is just one of many that Missouri towns experienced throughout the War of Northern Aggression and Reconstruction. It is the mission of the John T. Coffee Camp #1934 Inc to preserve the true history and heritage of our Confederate ancestors and the State of Missouri.

Readers can purchase Patrick Brophy’s books at the Bushwhacker Museum’s webpage:


Author Richard Sunderwirth’s book “The Burning” can be purchased through the Osceola, Missouri Chamber of Commerce webpage: http://www.osceolamochamber.com/theburning/index.htm

If you do not have a Southern ancestor but believe in the principles, ideals and beliefs of our Founding Fathers, the Confederate soldier and the preservation of our history then please consider joining the Colonel John T. Coffee Camp Inc.

The Colonel John T. Coffee Camp Inc. is not affiliated with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, rather it is a way for interested individuals to help the Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934 in fund raising projects as well as the numerous monument projects, memorial services and help aid in the defense of students rights to honor their heritage in our public schools.  Just click on the link below to learn how to join, donate your time, money or help us in our efforts:



*Sons of Confederate Veterans is an international fraternal society founded over 100 years ago and is a 501,3c Not-for- Profit organization whose mission is education and preserving the memory of the Confederate soldier. For more details visit: www.scv.org  or on the Camp website: www.coffeecamp.net

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