Missouri says No to Jawhawker Plates

From SEMissourian.com:

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.     (AP) — Legislation aimed at stopping Missouri from issuing a specialty license plate featuring the University of Kansas is on its way to Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon.

Lawmakers attached the measure to a higher education bill approved Wednesday in the Senate. The amendment says only Missouri schools may be featured on license plates unless the Legislature votes otherwise.

Fans of the University of Kansas and its Jayhawk mascot launched an effort last year to get the plate.

The amendment’s sponsor, Democrat Rep. Stephen Webber, has said he’ll seek to repeal it if the University of Kansas challenges the University of Missouri to a football or basketball game next school year.

The measure won’t affect Missouri’s recent approval of a plate featuring a different Kansas institution – Pittsburg State.

Higher education bill is SB563


Missouri Legislature: http://www.moga.mo.gov


I truly believe that if the citizens of Osceola, Missouri had not passed a resolution calling for the University of Kansas to drop its “Jayhawk” mascot there is a very good chance that this plate would have been approved.  However; by passing the resolution the City of Osceola, Missouri brought the true history behind the “Jayhawk” mascot into the national spotlight.

On September 22, 2011  the Across our Confederation blog published the following story:

On September 15th, 2011 the Columbia Daily-Tribunepublished an article that gained national attention in the news media. Who would have thought that the national spotlight would be on a small southwest Missouri town. But that is exactly what happened to Osceola, Missouri when the Tribune reported about a resolution passed by the Osceola Missouri City Council calling on the University of Kansas to drop the “Jayhawk” as its mascot. According to Rudy Keller (the Tribune reporter that broke the story):

“Osceola, a community of about 950 people in St. Clair County, has a message for the University of Kansas: It is time to consider dropping the mascot name “Jayhawk” and ending the school’s association with “a group of domestic terrorists.” “In a resolution the Osceola Board of Aldermen passed Tuesday — on the eve of the 150th anniversary of a Civil War raid by Kansans that destroyed the town — the city condemned “the celebration of this murderous gang of terrorists by an institution of ‘higher education’ in such a brazen and malicious manner.”

I believe the  Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934, Sons of Confederate Veterans has played an important role as well.  Every  April, the Coffee Camp holds its annual heritage dinner that draws more paying visitors than most Democratic or Republican events of the area.  Every year we put out a press release, detailing national speakers and the number of people who attended.  This doesn not go unnoticed by the powers that be in Jeff City. It’s simple numbers= influence in Jeff City and it is apparent to this writer that Jeff City has taken note of  the resolution the City of Osceola passed last September and the numbers from the annual Coffee Camp heritage dinner held in Osceola every April-Webmaster.



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