If the South Would’ve Won…

Mark Vogel has written an article over at the Noland Chart {.com} about how the Confederate Constitution holds the answers to many of today’s modern problems.

150 years ago a third Constitution was created in Montgomery, Alabama.  The authors foresaw America today and set a course to avoid it. by Mark Vogl (conservative) Wednesday, March  7, 2012

When first formed, the united States operated under the Articles of Confederation through the Revolutionary War.   After the war, the independent nation – states (as recognized by Great Britain’s individual treaty with each state) realized changes had to be made to enhance commerce and protection from foreign military adventurism against the infant confederacy.  But, when the delegates sent to the convention found it impossible to work with the Articles of Confederation they advised their separate states, and asked to be allowed to draft a new Constitution.  The result of their work was the Constitution.  However, all states, big and small, north and South retained their right as an independent nation-state to leave the union.  Some states like New York, actually articulated this right in the resolution passed by their legislature to rejoin the union under the second constitution! Don and Ron Kennedy co-authors of THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT state clearly in their work; if you cannot leave, you are not free.

In 1860, as a result of conflicting views of national purpose, identity and direction seven Southern states exercised their right to secede, ( a right recognized in classes taught at West Point at the time), and met in Montgomery, Alabama to form another American nation.  Later they would be joined by six more states and two territories.   The founders of the Confederacy took great pains to make specific changes/modifications to the Constitution they had left to ensure that their fears concerning the path the U.S. was taking could be changed.  The South would take a very different direction.  And despite the present day historical spin of political correctness, a careful reading of the Confederate Consitution  and comparison to the U.S. Constitution will clearly illuminate the concerns of the South, and surprisingly demonstrate that the men who met in Montgomery in 1860 foretold the problems America faces today!

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