Missouri Student Suspended for Flying Confederate Flag

From SNN news:

Discrimination against Southerners continues in government schools

We have another example of the government school system banning the most prominent symbol of the Southern people and denying the basic right of free speech. Our freedoms as well as tolerance for Southern identity have deteriorated to the point where this has now sadly become common. Can you imagine the school system banning the flag of any other cultural or ethnic group? Of course not. This re-enforces the assertion we at SNN have made many times that the government schools are not welcoming institutions for Southern people. If at all possible, Southerners are recommended to avoid these institutions since it is clear that the rhetoric from the US school system about inclusion does not apply to Southerners:

Riley Collier loves flying the flag in the back of his pickup — the Confederate flag.

“Just trying to express myself; it’s just like bumper stickers or anything of that nature,” said Collier.

He ran into a big problem, though, when he took it on his school grounds. Collier said school officials warned him to stop flying Ole Dixie.

“They said they could view the flag from inside the building, so it was a distraction to students apparently,” said Collier.

So he took it down, but continued to fly it to and from Republic High School. In response, the school suspended Collier’s driving privileges for 30 days.

“It would be easier and it would pacify them, but I just don’t see why I should,” said Collier.

When he earned his driving privileges back, his flag came back and that led to his second driving suspension.

Collier has the support of his dad.

“To my knowledge there’s nothing in any of the school handbooks that says you can’t do it,” said Gene Collier.

“We don’t articulate every rule and regulation; no school district could do that. We don’t have the manpower, time, hours, energy to do all that,” said Republic School District Superintendent Vern Minor.

Editors Note:

The best way that we can help this young man is to contact Republic Highschool Superintendent Vern Minor and express our opposition to his decision to oppress free speech and Missouri heritage.

Below is his contact information. Be polite but steadfast in your support of this student.

Ph: 417-732-3605

Email: vern.minor@republicschools.org


2 Responses to “Missouri Student Suspended for Flying Confederate Flag”

  1. David Arnold Says:

    Heritage not hate,the school system is wrong by doing this to the young man who is proud of his southern heritage.A lot of people died for that flag defending it and contrary to what the schools are teaching in school the Civil War was not fought
    over the slavery issue.

  2. Jordan Says:

    It seems people have less right than ever before to express themselves. Even after the school years, it continues into college and the workplace. Sometimes folks get so politically correct it becomes incorrect in many situations.

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