Story of the South should be boldly told

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Many forms of censorship are being used to silence the story of the South, and promote politically  correct Yankee history! by Mark Vogl (libertarian) Saturday, January 14, 2012

2010 thru 2015 marks the 150th Anniversary and remembrance of a war within the United States which changed forever the meaning of the U.S. Constitution, and the aspirations of the Founding Fathers.  The war most commonly referred to as the Civil War could just as easily be called the War of the Constitution.

For my lifetime, the past half century and a little, revisionists, as the most ardent of Yankee victors, have been attempting to steal away into the dark caverns of library and museum archives, and into private collections the real causes of secession, and war.  Recently, I am told an article in USA Today reported that many museums of the War are rewriting their exhibits to make them more politically correct.  I am told the story said that this was being done because of poor visitation and a need to increase revenues through increased attendance and possibly federalized government funding!  So the story of the South, the story of liberty and freedom is being concealed so that more space can be given to slavery and the abuse of the African American.  For me, there is and should be room for both.

The Culture War ongoing within the United States is not about promoting the history of a people who were abused.  It is about using the sins of the United States, slavery, to hide the fact that the South did not secede because of slavery; that was protected in the Constitution.  The South’s secession was because the people of that time saw in the election of a President the end to the confederation originally constructed under the Constitution, and the beginnings of what we would become today’s disaster, called America.  They foresaw massive federal spending and taxation.  They saw the sovereign states becoming nothing more than administrative districts.  They saw Washington’s warning about international involvement being cast aside.  And they saw the power of blue bloods, presently represented by former Governor Mitt Romney, as desirous of replacing liberty and Christianity with materialism and consumerism.

In the article, which I saw only parts of, one museum spokesman said that museums had to change, to become more in step with modern perceptions, if they were to attract visitors.  Here again we see censorship in a form not recognizable, mostly because the general public would not even know it was occurring.  But, for example at Gettysburg, the new federal Visitor’s Center focuses on the intellectual black hole of slavery, not telling of the real and true differences between the US and Confederate Constitutions.

By the way, Gettysburg’s economic development reports tell us that this small Pennsylvania town earns over 300 million dollars per year in tourist revenues, which employ over 6,000 people.  In the South, battlefields are hidden, Southern states tourism efforts at their visitor centers on the interstates do as much as possible to hide information about Southern battlefields.  Southern pride turned to Southern shame.  Again, where are the heritage defense groups?  Off doing whatever they do, but certainly not pressuring elected officials to promote Southern history!

Southern heritage groups, like the Sons of Confederate Veterans, help perpetuate the “black hole” which forcefully pulls all inquiries about the reasons for secession to slavery because they refuse to stand up and condemn slavery as the sin it was and is.  The Causes for secession are best articulated in the differences between the Confederate Constitution and the US.  Much of what Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other conservative talk show hosts say today could be policy initiatives from the CSA!  But, few even realize there was a Confederate Constitution which offered a different, alternative view of America which would have avoided many of today’s most troublesome problems.

It is impossible to introduce the Confederate Constitution to the uninformed unless you first condemn slavery as a sin.  Once, slavery is condemned as wrong, once the absolute tragedy of African Americans is recognized and addressed, than proponents of the Southern point of view of an alternative America could be explored, and much good taken from it.  And for those who now condemn the South, and the Confederacy for slavery, they would than have to talk about God at the governing table, stricter financial controls, tight controls on citizenship, nationalism, regionalism, state’s rights and the benefits of diversity as reflected in the actual wants and needs of people in each state.

The north, the blue bloods of New England are not free of their participation in the sin of slavery.  It was the European powers and the northern merchantmen who participated in the slave trade.  It was the Yankees who initially financed and brought the slaves to America. They were sold from Maine to Georgia.  The original profits of the slave trade going almost exclusively to New York and Boston!  The thousands and thousands of Africans who died on slave ships, died in the hands of the Europeans and Yankees, not the South.

Slavery ended in the north when it did not work, but prospered in the South where warmer climates and agricultural pursuits demand inexpensive labor.   Later, northern and European textile factories would employ tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands in the process of transforming slave grown and picked cotton into the fabrics which would make shirts, pants, coats, dresses,

Southern museums are moving away from Southern history, not because it is not profitable in an open market, but because government funds and the fashion of historiography today condemn the South.  Again, the Southern heritage organizations are nowhere to be seen.  Passive and impotent they do not do their duty and work to influence government policy in education and the parks.  Censorship raises its ugly head, and darkness pervades the halls of learning and groups like the S.C.V., charged with vindicating the Cause, file lawsuits over license plates but refuse to organize letter campaigns, or visitations to elected representatives with a list of demands like many other not-for-profit groups do.   The Culture War is being won by the left, because the right is living in the past, instead of the present.

What you don’t know, can’t hurt us is the belief of the liberal, or the progressive.  If you were to learn for the first time that secession was a right acknowledged by both northern and southern states at the time of the adoption of the present day Constitution than you might ask questions, like why?  And you might learn that secession as a right is the most effective tool against an activist Court.  Had Secession been an acknowledged right in the 1970’s Roe v. Wade could never have been decided as it was, the Bible Belt would have left along with much of the more conservative west.

The Sesquicentennial provides a real opportunity for Americans to re-evaluate the course we took.  Is this where we want to be?  Is this where the Founder’s intended us?  If you would like more information about the real differences between North and South, the real causes for Secession, try the Abbeville Institute in South Carolina.  And when you visit museums flood the curators, and employees with questions about President Jefferson Davis, the Confederate Constitution, and the political differences between the two regions apart from slavery.  The looks you will get will be priceless as these highly degreed bureaucrats stumble to answer questions they never expected.

A great business opportunity rests in telling the story of the underdog, the Rocky of the War for Southern Independence.  Use modern technologies, modern hands on interactive methods, but tell the story of a people being oppressed by the federal government, over taxed, and responsible for financing projects which benefitted them not.  Yes, absolutely include the story of the African American, but tell the real story.  Tell of the horrors of slavery, but tell of the great bonds between Southern white and black. Tell of who operated the entire Southern home front while the whites were off defending home and hearth. Tell of the rape of African Americans by Yankee invaders. Turn the lights on!  Tell all of American history, not just those aspects financed by the blue bloods of New England.

The South has a wonderful, full, tragic story. Tell it all.  It’s good business.


One Response to “Story of the South should be boldly told”

  1. David Arnold Says:

    I agree with everything you said and have said so many times to the rebuke of others that the Civil War was not over slavery.If people would only read for themselves instead of taking information of others for gospel.And only to add that it was the wealthy on both sides that started it all.Money over cotton and export tax.France was knee deep in it as well…

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