Welcome to our new website!

We hope you enjoy the new , redesigned home for the Colonel John T. Coffee Camp # 1934, Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Our home base is Osceola, Missouri but we have members from across the Show Me State as well as the nation and yes, the world.

Our new design enables us to combine our blog and our website. On the front page readers will be able to keep up with the latest Coffee Camp and Southern Heritage news. In addition we have added options to allow our members and readers to share their favorite posts and pages via social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

In the right hand column you will find our menu with our vast treasure trove of articles, camp information and our newsletters which are posted online.

We hope you enjoy your stay and encourage you to visit our library and sign our guest book, and yes, if you feel that honoring and preserving the history , heritage and good name of your ancestors, then please click on the “Join” link in our side bar menu.

Again Thank You for visiting and God Bless the South.-Webmaster


One Response to “Welcome to our new website!”

  1. The OutLaw Josey Wales Says:

    Happened on this site by chance. I enjoyed the article and I agree with a lot that was covered in this post. Its for sure, the South does not get the respect it deserves. The reason that the battle fields in the South are not given the notorietie as in Gettysburg Penn. is that most of them were defeats for the Yankee invader. I’m proud of where I come from and proud to be of Southern Heritage. ” Hurry !! Hurry !! for Ole Dixie “. They can take my flag, when they can tear it from my cold dead hands !!!!!!

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